Installing TiDB Database Cluster

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Currently in the process of learning, I want to set up a TiDB cluster database (hoping for PD3, TiKV3, TiFlash1, TiDB server1), but I don’t know where to find such experimental machines. I hope community friends can give some suggestions or solutions! As a newbie, I would be very grateful. (My laptop has 16GB of memory, and if I install a virtual machine, it doesn’t seem to be enough, probably won’t run…)

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You can apply for a free cluster on TiDB Cloud to try it out…

Refer to this…

If you want to set it up yourself, you can buy a cloud server… or you can buy a high-performance host…

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Thank you, thank you. Buying a high-performance host, does this refer to Windows or Linux?

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The operating system doesn’t matter as long as the client can run virtualization (VM). As long as the resources can meet your TiDB deployment needs, isn’t that enough?

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Let me share what I did: you can install it on your own PC, preferably with 32GB of physical memory. If you don’t have enough, you can buy some more. I bought two 8GB sticks on Pinduoduo for just 160 yuan. Once you have enough memory, install VMware 17 and create a Linux virtual machine with 16GB or more allocated memory. It’s best if your PC isn’t too outdated; mine is an i5 10400, and it handles stress tests without any issues. You can start with just one PD, and skip installing TiFlash initially, then expand later.

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10th gen i5 or above, 32GB of memory, more than 1TB SSD, install Windows and VMware 17, it’s not very expensive.

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Well, the configuration is a bit low. I bought a 128GB, i9 10850k machine with NVMe. Running TiDB is very smooth and stable, with a 2.5GB network…

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“Extravagant to the extreme :+1: I want to smash my laptop.”

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Rich person, this is too expensive.

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I originally only wanted to buy 64GB, 32GB * 2, but my buddy saw that my motherboard had 4 memory slots, so he went ahead and got 4 sticks, filling them all up…

At the time of purchase, it wasn’t expensive, but now it feels like everything except SSDs has gone up a bit in price.

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As a beginner, what is the function of the TiDB server?

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That’s right, I don’t dare to list my computer specs :joy:

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I suggest accepting it, expanding the memory, and having some fun…

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My configuration: 7.86T U2 PCIE48, 16 CPUs, 128G Memory, 5 virtual machines running PD3, TiKV3, TiFlash1, TiDB server3, Alert1, Grafana*1, no pressure at all.

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