IntelliJ IDEA connection to TiDB reports encoding mismatch error

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Original topic: intellij idea 连接 tidb 报编码对不上的错误

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【TiDB Usage Environment】Production Environment / Testing / PoC
【TiDB Version】v6.6.0
【Reproduction Path】Operations performed that led to the issue: Error reported when connecting to TiDB using IDEA
【Encountered Issue: Problem Phenomenon and Impact】Error message as follows

【Resource Configuration】
【Attachments: Screenshots / Logs / Monitoring】

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SHOW COLLATION WHERE Charset = 'utf8mb4';

Check which collations are supported in the current version. Choose one from the list.
It seems that my 6.4 environment only supports utf8mb4_bin.

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Let’s try this method.

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It’s done, thank you.

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:+1: No problem.

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