Interruption During Dumpling Process

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Original topic: dumpling过程中中断

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The export command is as follows:
tiup dumpling -u root -P 4000 -h xxx -p ‘xxx’ --filetype sql -o /data/tidb_export -F 100MiB -t 1 -T --params “tidb_distsql_scan_concurrency=1,tidb_mem_quota_query=209715200” --consistency=auto
Export was interrupted:
dump failed: invalid connection; sql: START TRANSACTION: sql: connection is already closed; dial tcp xxx:4000: connect: connection refused

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Check if the corresponding TiDB has restarted due to an OOM (Out of Memory) issue.

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It is indeed an OOM issue. I will investigate the cause of the OOM.

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When running dumpling, the memory usage remains smooth but suddenly spikes, causing TiDB to be OOM.

The corresponding traffic also has a corresponding spike.
What is this spike related to?

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You can check these two documents to control the memory usage during import:

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Refer to this part, you can check the TiDB logs to see if the OOM is caused by exporting large tables.

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