Is DeltaTree Index an Index?

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Original topic: DeltaTree index是索引吗

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I see that there is a data structure called DeltaTree index in DeltaTree. Since this DeltaTree index is a data structure, isn’t it an index for TiFlash? TiFlash uses the Raft protocol to achieve data synchronization by reading the idx value of the Raft log for synchronization. Is there a specific document reference for this?

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It looks like an index by the name :joy:

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DeltaTree Index is a data structure in TiFlash used to merge the Stable layer and Delta layer during reads, providing an ordered data stream. DeltaTree Index acts similarly to an index in TiFlash, helping TiFlash quickly locate and merge data from the Stable layer and Delta layer during data reads.

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Here’s a reference that might help:

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Training video 302 also covers this explanation.