Is it easy to find a job with a general undergraduate degree in this field?

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Original topic: 普通本科学这个好找工作吗?

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The teacher asked us to take this course, but I’m not sure about the job prospects.

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Good, very good. Once you’ve learned it well, you can come to me.

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You can also come to me,

You can also check this out

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If you master TiDB well, you’ll have one more option when looking for a job.

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Your teacher is quite impressive, paying attention to TiDB.

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The country is currently vigorously promoting the removal of IOE. In my company, we are all moving towards localization. As a leading domestic database, learning TiDB definitely has its benefits.

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Reference study materials.

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Look here, many universities have started offering courses.

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The DBA community welcomes you to join in.

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It’s pretty good. I didn’t have the chance to get involved with the open-source community earlier during university. I’ll recommend it to my teachers if I get the chance (though it might not have much impact :face_with_diagonal_mouth:).

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Welcome to join~~
DBA mainly focuses on experience and ability.

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The DBA field is very specialized, and most of the knowledge it relies on is not covered in most school curricula. Therefore, practical experience is more important. If you are already familiar with a specific database during your undergraduate studies, you will have a significant advantage when applying for a DBA position. (However, some large companies recruit graduates in broad categories, so you might be interviewed by an SRE instead of a DBA…)

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This works.

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It can add a finishing touch, but just learning this is not enough.

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TiDB is very practical and a standout among distributed deployments.

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A solid foundation in computer science is definitely essential.
Work is essentially the practice of various specialized fields. If you want to engage in DBA-related work, studying diligently will surely open up many job opportunities for you.

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However, the scope of undergraduate studies is very broad, and a lot of knowledge is just touched upon without being mastered.

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It’s hard to find a specific direction to focus on for learning.

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An old-timer with ten years of work experience, just starting to learn this now!!!

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Stick to your goals. If you want to pursue a particular direction, keep at it, even if another direction offers a higher salary.

For example: You just graduated and found a development job that pays 5000, while working at a construction site might pay 8000. However, the ceiling for your job is much higher than that of a construction worker.

As someone who has been working for many years, I advise against frequently switching directions. In the end, your resume might only say: “Familiar with xx language.” If there’s nothing else, it won’t be very meaningful.