Is it enough to just finish the 101 course to pass the PCTA exam?

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Original topic: 考PCTA只需要看完101的课程吗

| username: TiDBer_颜颜

Is it enough to just finish the 101 course to take the PCTA exam? I just signed up and am ready to start reviewing the key points and practicing questions.

| username: 气死人的萌新 | Original post link

Yes, of course, you can also refer to the official documentation more.

| username: 魂之挽歌 | Original post link

It’s enough to get a course completion certificate by reaching 80%. Of course, it’s best to watch everything~

| username: zhanggame1 | Original post link

Indeed, you only need to look at 101, or you can directly search for TiDB architecture on the internet.

| username: Kongdom | Original post link

Yes, you only need to finish reading 101.

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In addition to watching the course videos, if you have enough time, I suggest reading through all the official documentation as well and trying to understand it as much as possible. After the exam, you’ll find that a lot of the content is covered in there.

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There’s no harm in studying more before taking the exam.

| username: TiDBer_NyrdmE3Q | Original post link

Just finished the exam, as long as you carefully review 101, you’ll be fine.

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Yes, make sure to read more documentation. I just took the exam last night.

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Watch the video several times. The exam questions still test the overall knowledge mastery, which is much more difficult than the video’s after-class exercises.