Is it feasible and meaningful to conduct stress testing on multi-table join queries in actual business scenarios?

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Original topic: 在实际业务场景测试中,数据库的多表连接查询压测是可行、有意义的吗?

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[Reproduction Path] In actual business scenario testing, is it feasible and meaningful to perform stress testing on multi-table join queries in the database?
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Whether it is meaningful depends on the business. Just prepare data tests based on actual business and data volume.

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There shouldn’t be any ready-made solutions for this; it mainly depends on the actual business needs.

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In the process of using databases, multi-table join queries are very common. The optimization of multi-table join queries is an important key indicator to test a database optimizer. In the early days, MySQL’s performance with multi-table joins or subqueries was so poor that many enterprises required that only two tables could be joined, and three tables were not allowed. However, this greatly limited the usability of the database, forcing many query functions that could have been easily implemented by the database to be transferred to the application layer, significantly increasing the complexity of the application’s logic. To test multi-table joins independently, I am not sure if there are specialized tools available, but you can also test it yourself.

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Conduct stress testing based on business requirements.

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Using the TiUP bench component to stress test TiDB, the subcommand tiup bench rawsql allows you to customize an SQL file as a workload for stress testing. You just need to replace the SQL here with your business SQL.

Official website:

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Thank you, I will try TiDB’s own benchmarking tool when I have time.

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