Is it feasible for TiKV, PD server, and TiDB server in a TIUP cluster to not be on the same cloud server?

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Original topic: TIUP 集群 的TIKV和pd server tidbserver 不在同一个云服务器可行吗?

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Is it feasible for the TIKV and PD servers of the TIUP cluster to not be on the same cloud server as the TiDB server? The dedicated line bandwidth delay between Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud is 1-5ms. Can we scale up or down between different cloud servers? Are there any other issues?

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Not feasible, unless the latency is controlled below 1ms, and the network quality requirements are extremely high.

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Not recommended, distributed databases have high network requirements.

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It’s completely unusable, the latency is too high.

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As long as the network is strong, it will work. But it’s best to keep it within one provider, after all, it involves cross-service vendors.

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Performance will definitely be affected. What’s your bandwidth? The latency for synchronizing massive amounts of data is probably not low.

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I want to do the migration using the expansion method. I just asked the vendor about the latency, and they said it’s within 2ms. I’m not sure if it’s feasible.

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The network is not working.

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It doesn’t seem to work well, unless you can tolerate the delay.

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Are you referring to the latency in terms of SQL queries, accessing KV data, and then the KV data returning to TiDB? In other words, is the reduction in latency for all SQL access speeds?