Is it necessary to perform a checksum for TiDB's BR backup?

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Original topic: tidb的br备份有必要去checksum吗?

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Is it necessary to perform a checksum for TiDB’s BR backup? In the test environment, a 7GB backup took 6 minutes, and the checksum took 9 minutes. If the actual production backup is in the terabyte range, will the checksum take a very long time? Is it necessary?

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Try using version 6.x or 7.x, the speed of BR will be faster.

Checksum is to ensure data integrity and consistency… It is necessary…

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Yes, my backup checksum is stuck for several hours now, but if I turn it off, I can’t guarantee the backup data is usable.

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The BR version must be consistent with the cluster version, right? I checked the official documentation. A 4.0 version backup is for a 4.0 cluster. You can use the 5.0 version of BR to restore to a 5.0 cluster. The data is 15T… If the backup takes 24 hours, then the check will take more than a day, right? That’s too long.

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So it’s really a dilemma. Migrating in production. Using BR backup, there is 15TB of data. If the backup takes a day, and then it takes another day and a half to verify, can we still compare the data from 24 hours ago at the backup time point during the verification?

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If you are doing a migration, temporarily extend the GC time.

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You mean this:
UPDATE mysql.tidb SET VARIABLE_VALUE = ‘720h’ WHERE VARIABLE_NAME = ‘tikv_gc_life_time’;

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Yes, the versions must match, otherwise, it cannot be restored.

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There is no need to check the backup set. Just import it directly and then use the checking tool to compare the two databases.

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In order to ensure the availability of the backup result set, it is still necessary to check.
Unless you perform a recovery drill immediately after the backup, you can skip it. After recovery, you can also verify the data.

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It is necessary, after all, to verify data consistency.

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This is indeed a problem.

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