Is it possible to change TiDB from SSD to Azure Blob Storage?

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Original topic: Tidb 从SSD 变更到Azure Blob存储上可以吗?

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The data warehouse is built on Azure cloud, and the storage used is Azure Blob’s Data Lake. We hope to reduce data movement. We are wondering if TiKV’s storage can also use Azure Blob storage. Moving data from HDFS to TiDB within the same subscription. Looking forward to expert advice.

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Overseas businesses can use serverless, which is both cheap and easy to use TiDB Cloud

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I feel it will be terrible, unless Microsoft has optimizations for streaming data/small batch I/O.

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I don’t think so. TiKV uses file storage, while blob is object storage. Currently, only tools like BR in TiDB can use object storage.

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Impossible to achieve.

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Currently, TiKV cannot run directly on S3. If you want to cross subscriptions, you can allocate some managed disks to attach to the VM and then install TiDB. :rofl:

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:yum: Indeed, serverless is both cheap and easy to use. TiDB Cloud

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I haven’t used it before.

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TiDB itself is an HTAP database and supports data warehousing functions. There’s no need to migrate data, right? Additionally, Microsoft provides an object storage solution for the cloud. Blob storage is best suited for storing massive amounts of unstructured data. Unstructured data does not follow a specific data model or definition (such as text or binary data). As [MrSylar] mentioned, TiDB uses a file system, not object storage. So it should not be feasible.

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Theoretically, there is no problem.