Is it possible to return immediately when running long-running DDL or DML?

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Original topic: 跑耗时长的ddl或dml时能否直接返回

| username: Qiuchi

A possibly common-sense question… For example, when I run DDL or DML like batch limit 1000 delete …, it takes a long time to complete. Previously, I could only run it and then disconnect, then open a new connection. Is there any way to let the SQL return completion directly but continue executing in the background?

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Why doesn’t the program return directly and let the task continue running?

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Because it’s not a program…

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You can post a feedback thread.

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This kind of thing can also be implemented at the underlying level, by starting a goroutine in the background to run tasks.

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Provide feedback, official evaluation, scheduling. Previously, I also suggested that batch DML should support concurrent execution of subtasks.

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