Is memory shared when deploying TiDB in cluster mode and accessing it with a client?

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Original topic: TiDB集群模式部署,客户端访问的时候内存是共享的吗

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When deploying TiDB in cluster mode with 5 TiDB Servers, and using the MySQL client to execute SQL, due to the large amount of data, memory resource shortages often occur. Upon inspection, it was found that in client mode, only the memory of a single TiDB Server is used, not the entire cluster’s memory. How can this be resolved?

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Is it a single SQL statement that is consuming a lot of memory?

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Memory between TiDB instances is not shared.

To achieve this, you need to handle sharding on the client side, send multiple SQL queries, and then aggregate the results.

If you don’t want to modify the SQL, then you can only increase the memory used by TiDB. If you’re lucky and the operators used support spilling intermediate results to disk, then enable this feature. This way, the computation will be slower, but it should eventually produce results.

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The client uses the memory of the TiDB node it is connected to and does not use the memory of other nodes.

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Do not share; whichever node is assigned will be responsible for processing.

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You can paginate the query results.

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Indeed, only one can be used.

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Memory between TiDB instances is not shared. It can be sharded.

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Thank you, everyone.

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