Is the built-in restore also ten times faster if the 8.1br restore speed is ten times faster?

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Original topic: 8.1br还原速度快十倍那么内置的restore也快十倍吗

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Can someone help confirm this?

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There are no plans to upgrade to 8.1 yet. Those who have upgraded to 8.1 can test it out.

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It needs to be tested in practice. I always take the documentation descriptions as advertising slogans; they are likely measured under specific conditions.

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At that time, an official performance test report will be released, and the results will be evident.

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Just about to start testing with 7.5. Haven’t tried 8.1 yet. Can someone test the results?

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Waiting for an official response.

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:yum: Not specific, it definitely covers most situations.

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In TiDB version 7.6.0, a new algorithm was introduced to enhance the BR snapshot recovery speed, experimentally increasing the recovery speed by up to 10 times. This indicates that in certain scenarios, significant speed improvements can indeed be achieved through optimized backup and restore techniques. Version 8.1 has just been released, and there are no related tests yet; we need to wait for official or production environment tests.

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Official tests are generally conducted under relatively ideal hardware configurations and scenarios. For example, in the case of TiDB Lightning and Dumpling for import and export, the results obtained in most real-world scenarios will be less favorable compared to the official test data.

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Waiting for the expert to test.

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The performance of BR theoretically improves by 10 times, but I think the bottleneck will be stuck in disk I/O and server bandwidth.

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Theoretical performance is likely to differ from actual application. The hardware performance of the server itself also needs to be considered.