Is the data in each TiKV the entire database, or is the entire database distributed across multiple TiKVs?

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Original topic: 每个TiKV中的数据是整个数据库的数据,还是整个数据库分散到各个TIKV中

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TiKV Overview | PingCAP Documentation Center

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I read it, but I’m not quite sure. I think the entire database is distributed across various TiKV nodes. Is that correct, teacher? Please confirm.

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By default, there are three replicas and they are distributed; otherwise, there would be no advantage of being distributed.

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The entire database is distributed across various TiKV nodes, ensuring high availability through replicas.

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Be sure to remember that the data is evenly distributed across each TiKV, not that each TiKV has the complete data. However, in a three-node, three-replica setup, each node does indeed have the complete data, but the primary replica data is only one-third.

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Looking at the distribution of regions, replicas are generally spread across different machines. PD will try to keep the data of the table distributed across various KVs. If the ID is auto-incremented, it may cause hotspot issues. If the business does not heavily rely on auto-increment, you might consider using random IDs.

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A Region can be understood as a data shard that contains a continuous range of data. When data changes, TiKV will automatically migrate the Region to maintain balanced data distribution and high availability.

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