Is the deployment and operation of your production environment all done using the TiUP cluster component?

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Original topic: 各位生产环境的部署、运维都是使用TiUP cluster组件完成的吗?

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Can it be understood that this is currently the only way? Or has anyone used other methods for deployment and maintenance?

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The TiUP method is officially recommended and can conveniently manage the cluster.

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There is also a way to deploy by starting the binary files, but it may be more cumbersome.

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For old clusters below version 4.x, use Ansible. Currently, new versions are deployed using the TiUP tool.

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The mainstream is still tiup, simple and convenient. There are also k8s deployments that are not tiup.

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Using tiup can save you a lot of effort.

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Online or offline TIUP package

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Yes, yes.

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TiUP is convenient for everyone.

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:+1: Precise. If it were me, I would just say tiup.

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Has TiDB officially conducted any relevant statistics? Currently, the customers who have deployed TiDB in production should all be using tiup cluster, right?

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I have tried deploying and maintaining with both Ansible and TiUP. Comparing the results, using TiUP is much simpler.

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Of course, there is a second option. Before tiup was available, ansible was used to assist in deployment.

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Basically, we all use tiup, except for those who used TiDB versions from many years ago, like versions before 4.x.

If you are deploying now, you must use tiup. Don’t try to do it any other way yourself~
If something goes wrong, you’ll have to take the blame yourself~

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Using the TiUP method is really great.

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:yum: We still use Ansible here, and the version is quite old and hasn’t been upgraded.

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Older versions can be deployed using the Ansible tool, but it is quite cumbersome as you need to configure mutual trust between servers yourself. The official recommendation is to use TiUP for deployment, which can omit some system configuration issues and makes it easier and faster for subsequent cluster maintenance and upgrades.

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