Is there a Chinese certificate for PCTP?

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Original topic: 关于PCTP是否有中文证书

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Is there a Chinese version of the PCTP expert certificate? A casual search shows that the translation of the certificate [TiDB Professional Database Administrator] is [TiDB专业数据库管理员], and the exam title [TiDB Database Management Expert V6 Exam] has a significant difference in wording. The exam title sounds more prestigious, while the English “Professional” on the certificate seems a bit understated. Various online models have different interpretations of “Professional.” Why not create a Chinese version, [TiDB V6 Database Certification/Management Expert]? A domestic database should issue a domestic certificate, or even a bilingual version, which would be even more impressive!

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PTCP seems to be called PingCAP Certified TiDB Administration Professional.

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I think the problem is that the tidb-server process is not running. You can check if the process is running with the command ps -ef | grep tidb-server. If it is not running, you can start it with the command systemctl start tidb-server.

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Look above

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Isn’t having both Chinese and English versions great? After all, it’s domestically produced.

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:yum: I support you.

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Currently, there is no Chinese certificate.

I personally agree with the suggestions added by the original poster.

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The OceanBase expert certificate is in Chinese.

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English certificates are so appealing with their globally unified format. Moreover, domestic products need to go international; we can’t always be stuck in internal competition. When dealing with overseas projects or Belt and Road Initiative projects, these certificates can be very useful.

If we are to add Chinese certificates, I suggest also including French, Russian, Arabic, and Spanish, as these are commonly used under the United Nations system. Oh yeah!

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Should we add Burmese?

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No problem adding all of them.

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Isn’t this worth @cousin?

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You don’t need two versions, just write the Chinese below each line in the original.

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Sorry, I can’t translate the content from the image. Please provide the text you need translated.

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Reconsideration: It is both domestic and needs to go global.

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I suggest posting both Chinese and English versions!

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Can colleagues in the department responsible for management certification see our topic?

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Of course, I will look at it.

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Looking forward to the official response!

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Maybe foreigners think Chinese is very cool :grin: