Is there a communication latency requirement for cluster nodes?

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Original topic: 集群节点有通讯延时时间要求吗

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Does the TiDB cluster have network latency requirements for internal communication between nodes?
For example, in a local environment with poor network performance or remote network communication in a two-site three-center architecture.

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Poor network connectivity will definitely be unsuitable, as there are minimum latency requirements.

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As a distributed cluster, TiDB has relatively high requirements for time, especially since PD needs to distribute unique timestamps.

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Distributed… definitely has requirements.

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Getting the TSO from PD is the ultimate truth of the cluster.
:wink: TiDB cannot be without TSO, just like the West cannot be without Jerusalem.

You can refer to the parameters here:

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Latency within the same data center is less than 0.5ms.
Latency between multiple data centers in the same city is less than 2ms.
Latency between data centers in different locations is less than 5ms.

This can be used as a reference.

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Within 3ms, if the duration requirement is high, it needs to be even smaller.

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Is this a reference you use in your actual process?

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The later the delay, the better. Isn’t it all 10 Gigabit Ethernet?