Is there a configuration in TiDB to limit the display length of fields?

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Original topic: tidb是否有限制展示字段长度的配置

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Try adjusting the group_concat_max_len parameter.

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For the field length limit configuration of TiDB, it is mainly controlled by the tidb_build_config command line parameter of the TiDB Server. This parameter includes two default values: OneByOne and BatchInsert, and is configured in OneByOne mode.

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His truncation is a Windows window software.

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There is no limit. Is this a tool issue? However, there is a 6M limit for a single row of data.

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It looks like Navicat. The database definitely won’t truncate, and I don’t think the tool will either. It seems more likely that the data was like this when it went in.

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You can directly log in and check on the server. TiDB should not have this limitation.

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Try using a different tool. Also, do you want to restrict it or not?

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There is a length limit for this combination, I encountered it before in Oracle.

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There are limitations, even at the maximum it can’t be the same as a large field. It seems that there hasn’t been any field overflow yet.

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It seems there isn’t one. Can’t you use a string truncation function to limit the display to a certain number of characters?

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Yes, there is, but I forgot which one specifically.

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Isn’t this displayed by the tool you’re using? Go check the backend and see.

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