Is there a memory analysis tool for continuous TiKV memory growth?

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Original topic: tikv内存持续增长,有没有内存分析工具

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Old version v.3.0
Deployment: Mixed deployment, some servers have 2 TiKV, 1 TiDB, and 1 PD simultaneously, with 512G memory per server.
Issue: TiKV memory keeps increasing, block-cache is limited to 80G and has reached its limit. Currently, some TiKV memory usage has hit 200G.
I understand that RocksDB uses block cache for data caching and should release memory using LRU, but it doesn’t seem to be releasing memory.
Could you please advise on the possible reasons? Is there a memory analysis tool for TiKV? I would like to use a tool to analyze where the memory is being used.

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The V3 version does not have a direct memory analysis tool; higher versions of the dashboard can perform the analysis.

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You can check the TiDB dashboard and monitoring.

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I’m just afraid of these old systems, I don’t dare to touch them or upgrade them.

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If the server has a UPS and the RAID card has a battery, you can consider setting this parameter to false for asynchronous disk writes. When our hardware was relatively poor in the early days, we set this parameter and saw significant improvements. However, in the event of an unexpected power outage, data loss can indeed occur, so use it with caution.

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The version is quite old. If possible, it’s better to upgrade to a new version.

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Just adjust the configuration parameters of TiKV and RocksDB.

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Take advantage of the current upgrade promotion to upgrade.

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Try setting this a bit smaller, for example, 50G and see.