Is there a migration solution for TiDB to Oracle?

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Original topic: tidb对于oracle,也有迁移方案吗?

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Can Oracle migrate data to TiDB?

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I also support migrating Oracle to TiDB, let’s adapt the code first.

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The usual methods for migrating data (incremental + full) from DB2 and Oracle to TiDB are:

  • Using Oracle’s official migration tools, such as OGG, Gateway (Transparent Gateway), CDC (Change Data Capture).
  • Developing custom data export and import programs.
  • Exporting (Spool) to text files and then importing through Load infile.
  • Using third-party data migration tools.

Currently, OGG seems to be the most suitable.

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Third-party tools, cc is pretty good.

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If the main goal is to migrate from Oracle to TiDB, the amount of program modification required is relatively large. However, migration is possible, and tools like CanalCloud can be used for the migration.

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It can be migrated, but the modifications after migration are too extensive, such as stored procedures, functions, packages, etc., and there are also differences in SQL. TiDB is compatible with MySQL.

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You can try CloudCanal
It supports migration from Oracle to TiDB

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I recently also migrated from Oracle to TiDB, using Navicat for data transfer.

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Both cc and manual client migration are possible.

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Currently, TiDB does not support stored procedures, functions, etc. If migrating from Oracle, the subsequent modifications could be quite extensive.

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Canalcloud, Navicat, and the client can all be used, but the changes after migration are significant.

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Navicat works.

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The commercial version of TiDB also has a migration solution from Oracle to TiDB, but it has not been open-sourced. For details, you can see: Oracle 到 TiDB 迁移解决方案 | PingCAP

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I have used the third-party Kettle tool to migrate small-scale databases.

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There are many points to consider when migrating from Oracle to TiDB.

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Navicat’s data transfer is quite fast even for tens of gigabytes. You can open multiple transfer windows, and as long as the database performance is sufficient, it can handle tens of thousands of records per second. Do not select transactions, otherwise TiDB will OOM.

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Paid tools can use DSG, which supports both full and incremental backups. It’s very powerful. It has been used in production environments without any issues.

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Those who enjoy tinkering can give it a try.