Is there a way to avoid full table scans in TiFlash?

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Original topic: 有办法避免tiflash全表扫描吗?

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When performing query operations, the TiFlash table always performs a full table scan. Is there a way to avoid full table scans?

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TiFlash is a columnar storage database, theoretically, each field is an index, and a full table scan is essentially a full index scan.

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TiFlash is a columnar storage, which means it performs full table scans and does not use indexes. If you want to use indexes, you need to use TiKV.

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Use hint to specify TiKV execution.

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tilash is not a full table scan; column storage means a full scan of specific columns.

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TiFlash columnar storage does not have the concept of indexes; it performs a full table scan.

For SQL optimization, you can refer to the example provided by the expert:

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The jump index for TiFlash hasn’t been released yet, right?

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It should be a full column scan performed by TiFlash, while TiKV is a full table scan.

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You are indeed knowledgeable. I thought columnar storage didn’t need indexes. :sweat_smile:

I checked GitHub, and it seems that the minmax-index might be the only index currently used by TiFlash. However, it appears to automatically apply to integers and dates, so there’s no need to use it intentionally.

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The full table scan of TiFlash might be different from what you understand. A full table scan in row storage reads all columns of all rows, while in column storage, it reads certain columns of all rows. Therefore, in AP scenarios, the efficiency of column storage can be very high.

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Regarding various optimization methods for columnar storage, refer to the Russian ClickHouse. It is really simple, straightforward, and surprisingly effective, but very useful.

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