Is there an SQL query to view all Region hotspots and sort them in descending order?

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Original topic: 有没有SQL可以查看所有Region的热点问题并降序排序

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TiEM has hotspot monitoring.

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In the information_schema, there is a table called TIDB_HOT_REGIONS which records hot regions.

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You can also check the dashboard.

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The dashboard is very convenient to use.

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Are you referring to the traffic visualization interface?

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Look at these two
Or the dashboard is also fine

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I strongly recommend using traffic visualization to observe hotspot situations.

This is because hotspot distribution includes both time and space dimensions. Using SQL or other charts mostly shows spatial heat at a single time slice, without including temporal heat.
Perhaps this hotspot is only slightly hot in space and not continuously hot over time, so there is no need to invest resources to solve it.

Only hotspots that are hot in both time and space need to be addressed.

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You can find it in the system table, and the dashboard also has hotspot monitoring.

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Yes, if you want to see more details, you can use the mouse to select the hotspot section and keep looking until you see the specific region.

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Dashboard Hotspot Monitoring

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Impressive :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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There is a table TIDB_HOT_REGIONS in the information_schema.

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I am currently looking at the dashboard.

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The issue with region hotspots is actually not serious. You can see it on the heatmap.

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SQL should not be used. When designing the database, it is not appropriate for the front-end application to directly query the back-end database management work. Additionally, you can check out TiDB’s monitoring tools or heatmaps.

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Don’t panic when things heat up. As long as the IO can handle it and the cluster runs smoothly overall, there’s no problem.

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You can check it in the heatmap. The following document might be helpful:
TiDB High Concurrency Write Scenario Best Practices | PingCAP Documentation Center