Is There Still Room for Optimization?

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Original topic: 还有优化的空间吗?

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Three 12-core 48GB databases. This SQL query takes 10 seconds. Is there still room for optimization?

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Optimization can only be done at the business layer. With such a large amount of data, there’s no WHERE condition to filter out some data.

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What is the recommended configuration for my data?

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How many TiFlash instances have you deployed? You might consider adding more and deploying them independently.

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TiFlash and other components share the same node.

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Scanning 220 million and 280 million rows from two tables respectively for a join operation, completing within 10 seconds is not considered slow.

Looking at the execution plan, it seems that TiFlash’s MPP acceleration has already been utilized, which should be an optimal result.

If you still want to optimize further, you can check where the bottleneck is:

  • Use explain analyze to see the specific execution process.
  • Check the Dashboard to find this slow SQL (usually the threshold is 3 seconds), and look at the execution operators to confirm which part is relatively slow (recommended).

Then optimize based on the bottleneck.

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I think apart from upgrading the machine configuration, there’s not much else that can be done.

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Adding machines is the most effective solution.

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  1. Start at the source, add the WHERE condition first.
  2. Then expand TiFlash.
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Would rewriting it using “in” or “exists” be faster?

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A table with 220 million rows and a table with 28 million rows, doing a full join, and you think 10 seconds is slow?

Why don’t you directly state your requirements, how many seconds do you think is appropriate? Or are there any other conditions that haven’t been mentioned, like how much time can be reduced based on certain conditions?

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Try not using TiFlash, then add an index and give it a try.

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Optimize it from a business perspective. There’s no good solution for such large tables.

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