Is TiDB currently available on mainstream cloud service providers, or are there plans to do so (Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft Azure)?

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Original topic: TIDB目前有上到主流云服务商吗,或者计划什么上(阿里云、华为云、微软云)

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Is TiDB currently available on mainstream cloud service providers (Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Microsoft Azure), or are there any plans for it?

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As far as I remember, it’s available on AWS, Alibaba Cloud’s Choice Mall, and TiDB Cloud can be used directly.

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It’s also available on the CSDN Developer Cloud Platform.

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JD Cloud also has it.

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Alibaba Cloud TiDB: 云数据库 TiDB 上线阿里云心选商城 | PingCAP

Kingsoft Cloud TiDB:

China Mobile Cloud TiDB:

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There is also JD Cloud TiDB.
If it’s not cloud-native, buy ECS and build it yourself.

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