Issue with Starting DM Worker

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Original topic: dm start worker问题

| username: 宸凡_22

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Master log shows:

************ task dm62 checking items ************
source db dump privilege checker
source db replication privilege checker
online ddl checker
binlog_do_db/binlog_ignore_db check
table structure compatibility check
************ task dm62 checking items ************
Checking the database did not provide any feedback

Under normal circumstances:

| username: xfworld | Original post link

Check and compare the format of task.yaml…

Another thing is whether the account permissions are sufficient…

| username: 宸凡_22 | Original post link

There has been no feedback on checking the table structure. If there is no permission, there will be an error message.

| username: dba远航 | Original post link

It feels like the configuration file is not taking effect.

| username: WinterLiu | Original post link

Without clear error messages, it is indeed difficult to troubleshoot.

| username: 宸凡_22 | Original post link

The configuration file is effective. If you intentionally make a mistake in the configuration, there will be an error message when you start the task.

| username: Hacker007 | Original post link

It should be insufficient permissions.

| username: 小龙虾爱大龙虾 | Original post link

Is there any log on the work bound to this source if there’s nothing in the master log?

| username: 宸凡_22 | Original post link

After testing, it was found that when the number of errors in checking the table structure reaches 13, it cannot properly return an error. Therefore, I divided the 1600 tables into multiple synchronizations and resolved the errors one by one, and then it could synchronize normally.

| username: 小于同学 | Original post link

There might be an issue with the configuration file.

| username: system | Original post link

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