Issue with TiDB Binlog Synchronizing Data to MySQL in Batches

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Original topic: tidb binlog分批同步数据到mysql中问题

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Use TiDB Binlog to batch synchronize data from TiDB to MySQL.
Enable drainer1 to synchronize part of the database from tidb1 to mysql1;
Enable drainer2 to synchronize another part of the database from tidb1 to mysql1;
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Drainer status in tidb:

tidb_binlog.checkpoint in mysql:

Question: The checkpoint table in mysql does not distinguish between the two synchronization tasks and only has one checkpoint record. When pausing/restarting one drainer, will it affect each other and cause inaccurate data? How should this situation be handled?

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Drainer can configure different checkpoint schemas.

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type = “mysql”
schema = “tidb_binlog_2”
host = “xxx”
user = “admin”
password = “xxx”
port = 60788

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