Issue with TiDB Executing Certain Statements Every 5 Minutes

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Original topic: tidb的每5分钟会执行一些语句的问题

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From the topsql monitoring, it can be seen that there is a TiDB node executing some statements every 5 minutes. Does anyone know what is being done every 5 minutes? It looks a bit like collecting statistics. Is there a parameter to control the interval?

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The processing of statistical information, this kind of SQL should be very fast, it shouldn’t appear in TopSQL, right?

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Test database, currently not accessible.

Can the 5-minute interval be adjusted?

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I also want to connect the MySQL database to the monitoring tools Dashboard and Grafana. Has anyone tried this?

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Grafana is very simple, just configure the MySQL data source, and then configure the monitoring items.

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Are there any references for monitoring items?

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A long time ago, I configured some settings, basically to monitor some common MySQL statuses.

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I remember it is this parameter, stats-lease = 300

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Default value: 3s

  • Every stats-lease interval, TiDB checks if there are updates to the statistics. If there are, it updates them in memory.
  • Every 20 * stats-lease interval, TiDB updates the total number of rows generated by DML and the changes in the number of modified rows to the system table.
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