Issues Encountered in Security Audits of Accounts in TiDB Clusters

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Original topic: tidb集群中的账号在安全审计中遇到的问题

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The security audit of the customer’s project today raised the following requirements regarding the TiDB cluster accounts. Please refer to them together:

  1. The purpose of the tidb-installer account, and whether it can be deleted.
  2. The permissions of the tidb and tidb-installer accounts in the /etc/sudoers file are required to be rectified as follows:
    tidb-installer ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
    Defaults: tidb-installer !requiretty
    Defaults: tiup !requiretty
  3. However, the deployment of TiDB uses the tidb account, and it is required to change the password regularly in the future. It is unclear what impact this will have.
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You can take a look at these two contents~

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  1. Actually, using just one TiDB user is enough for deployment.
  2. We still don’t know how to set up passwordless sudo. On our machines, we temporarily grant this permission for a few days and then revoke it. When needed, we apply for it again. This permission is indeed quite significant.
  3. Changing the password doesn’t have much impact. Not everything relies on passwordless SSH. For some operations, like scaling up or down, you can manually enter the password once with -u tidb -p. The requirement is that the TiDB user password should be the same across all involved nodes.
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Regularly changing passwords has no impact; previously, the Oracle account in Oracle RAC also required regular password changes.

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I was wondering if setting up passwordless access to specify which specific commands it can execute would be sufficient, or if further verification is needed.

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Okay, thank you.

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The clusters I deployed have never been set up for passwordless access; they all use username + password.

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This user can be deleted.

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  1. But is the tidb account used for deploying tidb, and will there be any impact if the password needs to be changed regularly? —> No impact. The tidb user of the OS is used for deployment, and changing the OS tidb user’s password has no impact. After establishing mutual trust, the tidb password can be changed regularly.
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