Issues Encountered While Setting Up Archery

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Original topic: 搭建Archery所遇到的问题

| username: sxli

The issues encountered while setting up and deploying Archery are as follows:
Background: The environment required for Archery has been set up, but I encountered a port occupation problem. I subjectively believe that this has nothing to do with Redis, MySQL, or MongoDB, so I pinpointed the error to Nginx’s proxy. Here, I use Nginx to start Archery, and I followed the configuration on the official website as a reference. Below is my Nginx configuration. After successfully starting Nginx, the current port occupation situation is shown below. Then, when I tried to start Archery, I encountered the port occupation issue shown in the image below. I also tried changing the port number in Nginx, but the problem still persists. Seeking help from experts.

| username: sxli | Original post link

Here I tried to shut down nginx, but even after shutting down nginx, the issue of the port being occupied still occurs.

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Is this deploying TiDB? Why not use tiup for deployment?

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Looking for a server, just deploy the services separately… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Deploying with Docker is very convenient. How about considering deploying directly with Docker?

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The port should be configurable.

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Recommend using tiup for deployment.

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Was the issue resolved in the end? Which port was being occupied?

| username: oceanzhang | Original post link

Which process to check with netstat for the port?

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Use tiup

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We all deploy separately without using Docker, one reason is configuration issues, and the other is performance issues.

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This issue is unrelated to TiDB, so TiUP cannot be used. You either deploy each component individually or use Docker.

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You should probably Google this; it might be faster.

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TiUP deployment is simpler.

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This doesn’t seem to have much to do with TiDB.

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Can Archery be deployed with TiDB?

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Find the process for the port.

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Use netstat -tuln to see which process is occupying the port.

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Deploying with Docker will be simpler and more convenient.