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Currently facing a difficulty with a very large table containing approximately 10 billion records. The query conditions are numerous, each condition can be specified individually or combined. For example, the “待我签” on the left side of the screenshot is a combination of three fields, and combined with several query fields on the right side, many indexes need to be created. I would like to ask how everyone deals with such situations. It seems that relational databases are not good at solving such problems.

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Would using TiFlash be better in this case, since TiFlash essentially creates an index on all fields?

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TiDB does not optimize SQL; it decides whether to execute in TiFlash or TiKV based on different SQL statements.

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Relational databases struggle with searching through tens of billions of records, considering using an OLAP product.

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If you have to use this, try TiFlash.

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Commonly used fields, combined with several composite indexes on time columns. For queries based on contract number and ID number, it can be done as an equality query without much issue. However, if the title is used for a fuzzy query, it might be a bit difficult.