Issues with BR Cross-Version Backup and Restore

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Original topic: BR跨大版本备份和恢复的问题

| username: Hacker_GfW2YGtK

In the production environment, due to IPv6 issues, it is necessary to migrate data from the original v4.0.4 cluster to the new TiDB cluster of version v7.1.0. The official documentation mentions that there are requirements for the versions of BR used for backup and restore, but there are no relevant instructions for the outdated version 4.0.4.
Can I use the data backed up by BR version 4.0.3 and then use BR version 7.1 to restore it to the new TiDB cluster of version v7.1.0? If not, are there any other migration solutions?

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I remember that BR recovery cannot be performed across versions.

| username: Hacker_GfW2YGtK | Original post link

Can you confirm this? If not, are there any other migration solutions? The old cluster has about 4TB of data.

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The steps from 4 to 7 are a bit too much, it’s better to import and export. This can be tested in a test environment.

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The main issue is that the current environment is like this, and using BR for backup and recovery should be the fastest way. There is no clear explanation in the official documentation at the moment.

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I think you can use backup to test a small database or table.
Recently tested br backup, and it increasingly feels like a logical backup :grinning: It might work.

BACKUP DATABASE `test` TO 'local:///mnt/backup/2020/04/';
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Try using dumpling+lightning. Importing in local mode is unimaginably fast. Reply from @啦啦啦啦啦

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Using a faster hard drive and increasing the parameters can also make it quite fast.

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Indeed, the scope is a bit large, but we can conduct an experiment.

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Is it possible to set up a TiDB cluster with version 4.0.4, migrate the data using BR, and then upgrade the new cluster to 7.1.0? This way, the fault tolerance rate would be higher.

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Use Dumpling and Lightning. Data safety should be ensured first, then the migration speed. If there are hidden issues with BR, wouldn’t you have to export it again?

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