Issues with ColumnFamily in RocksDB

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In TiDB’s kvdb, there are four ColumnFamilies: raft, lock, default, write. Data is stored in the following two CFs:

  • write column: Used to store the user’s actual write data and MVCC information (the start time and commit time of the transaction to which the data belongs). When a user writes a row of data, if the length of that row is less than 255 bytes, it will be stored in the write column; otherwise, the row will be stored in the default column. Since TiDB’s non-unique index stores an empty value and the unique index stores the primary key index value, secondary indexes will only occupy space in the write CF.

  • default column: Used to store data longer than 255 bytes.

Some questions:
For variable-length types like varchar, is the actual data length used to determine which CF it is stored in? If so, does this mean that data from the same table can appear in both CFs?

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The kvdb itself stores key-value data, not the value of a specific field. As for the length of the value, it is inherently indeterminate. Whether it is stored in the write or default depends on the actual length, and it has nothing to do with whether there is a variable length type.

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Check out this course. It’s about transactions.

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Calculate based on the actual occupied space?

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It is calculated based on the actual length.

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Calculate based on actual occupied space.

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According to the actual length

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