Issues with Dirty Data Generated After Sysbench Stress Testing

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Original topic: sysbench压力测试后产生的脏数据问题

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] V7.1.1
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact] After stress testing, the disk used more than 20GB. Before official use, I want to delete this data, but I don’t know which files or directories in the tikv corresponding data directory can be deleted. I’m afraid of misoperation affecting usage.
The directory at the arrow in the picture is the one occupying a large space.
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Apart from the .log files, don’t touch anything else. In TiDB, truncate will wait for GC to reclaim space. However, 20GB isn’t that much.

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Okay, thank you. I just checked, and indeed about 10GB of disk space has been freed up.

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Just drop the corresponding database for the stress test, and the system will automatically perform garbage collection to reclaim disk space.

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The fastest way is to restart the cluster, which will automatically delete a lot of useless data.

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Why not just use a script to list the objects in the database, drop them in batches, and let the system automatically GC to free up space? Or wouldn’t it be faster to directly DROP DATABASE?

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The data in sysbench is all in a single schema, which is easy to clean up, but it doesn’t take up much space.

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Directly delete the sbtest database, and it will be released after the garbage collection is completed.

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Just drop the corresponding database. No other operations are needed.

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  1. truncate table,
  2. Confirm whether GC is enabled, then wait for the next GC to complete.
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Just delete it.

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Do not delete file system files, it is very risky. For testing, you can first drop the test table, wait for the GC time to pass, and then reload the database. The disk space will be released.

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Do not delete data files. Use “truncate table” or “drop database” and wait for a while for it to be reclaimed.

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