Issues with Dumpling Backup and Restore, and Setting Up TiDB Replication to MySQL via TiCDC

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Original topic: dumpling备份恢复,搭建tidb通过ticdc复制到mysql失败的问题

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Performed a full backup of TiDB using dumpling, then restored it to MySQL. The restoration took about 35 hours. During the restoration, around the 24-hour mark, the tikv_gc_life_time was adjusted to 48 hours, and the ticdc gc-ttl was also adjusted to 48 hours. However, the task creation still reported an error:

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Later, by querying the TSO 444519644827746419, it corresponds to a time 24 hours ago, and 444498506308386858 corresponds to the moment when the backup was completed. It is suspected that the adjusted gc-ttl did not take effect. A bug was also found in the meantime, not sure if it is related to this issue TiDB 4.0.14 Release Notes | PingCAP Documentation Center

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The image is not visible. Please provide the text you need translated.

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You should adjust the tikv_gc_life_time of TiDB before backup and recovery. After 35 hours of recovery, the GC should have already removed the data from 35 hours ago.

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Before performing a full backup after an incremental backup, the GC time should be extended.

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Modify GC time

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Well, I have already made adjustments, backed up again, and restored. It has now been over 24 hours since the restoration. Should we wait and see if the issue persists?

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Try again.

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It is estimated to be a BUG. Before the backup, the gc-ttl of ticdc was adjusted to 48 hours, and tikv_gc_life_time was also adjusted to 48 hours. Then, after re-backing up, the same error was reported, so the recovery time can only be controlled within 24 hours.

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No matter how you adjust it, the expiration time of ticdc is 24 hours. It is estimated to be a bug in the lower version.

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