Issues with Importing After Exporting Using Dumpling

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Original topic: dumpling导出后再导入问题

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After exporting data from version 4.0.14 using Dumpling, it needs to be imported into a running TiDB cluster of version 6.5.2. However, directly using TiDB Lightning for import will affect the normal use of the TiDB version 6.5.2. Is there any other way?

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No, you just need to enable traffic limiting.

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Logical import, appropriately control region-concurrency.

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tidb-lightning has two modes: physical import mode and logical import mode. The default physical mode has a significant impact, so use the logical mode for import.

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Can you recommend a commonly used configuration file for tidb-lightning?

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Use the official documentation to make the change
TiDB Lightning Tutorial | PingCAP Documentation Center
backend = “local” to “tidb”

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Importing during idle business hours should not be an issue. Isn’t this how it’s usually done in production?

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region-concurrency = 16

max-size = 256

max-days = 28

max-backups = 14

level = “info”

status-addr = ‘:8289’

check-requirements = true

file = “/home/tidb/tidb-toolkit-v5.0.1-linux-amd64/bin/tidb-lightning.log”


backend = “tidb”

on-duplicate = “replace”


data-source-dir = “/data”


host = “tidb-ip-x.x.x.x”

port = 4000

user = “root”

password = “*****”

status-port = 10080

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