Issues with Monitoring DM and Clusters

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Original topic: dm与集群的监控的问题

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A single-node cluster was deployed in the test environment, but after deploying the DM cluster, it was found that the DM monitoring overwrote the cluster monitoring (in the production environment, they are deployed on different IPs). I would like to ask how to handle this overwriting issue, and whether the monitoring of the two clusters can be placed under one Grafana.
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They cannot be put together. The DM cluster and the TiDB cluster are completely separate entities. Additionally, multiple TiDB clusters also mean multiple Prometheus and Grafana instances, each monitoring its own cluster. The same applies to the DM cluster. :joy_cat:

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Okay, I just encountered this situation while testing on a single machine today and thought I’d ask you all. Luckily, we don’t do this in production. :smile:

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Of course, they cannot be together.

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