Issues with Slow Queries in TiDB

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Original topic: tidb查询慢的问题

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[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 5.4
[Reproduction Path] Always present
[Encountered Problem: Phenomenon and Impact] We have an SQL query that takes 0.6s when run individually, but in the production environment, when there are multiple queries, the time increases to 12s or more (this does not always happen, it occurs during peak business hours when there are multiple queries). How can we troubleshoot this?
[Resource Configuration] tidb4 (8 cores 16G), PD3 (4 cores 8G), TIKV7 (16 cores 64G physical disk)
[Attachment: Screenshot/Log/Monitoring] The SQL statement is: SELECT COUNT(
) FROM t_feed_essay fe LEFT JOIN t_follow_person fp ON fe.user_id = fp.user_id WHERE fp.fans_id = 4611686018431039853 AND fe.delete_flag = 0 AND fe.status = 0 AND fp.del_flag = 0 AND fe.iz_to_feedback = 0;

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It feels like a cloud issue.

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During peak periods, it feels necessary to check the monitoring and refer to the expert documentation for troubleshooting.
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Find the execution plan from that time, and you will quickly have a clear conclusion.

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Is there a dashboard set up? I remember there was a bug in TiDB before, where the statistics information would fail to load easily, causing it to use pseudo logic and choose the wrong index. Check the execution plans of those timed-out SQL queries.

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This parameter is set to “on” by default in version 5.4, but it has been changed to “off” in subsequent versions.

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Take a look at these two parameters as well.

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To analyze SQL, you need an execution plan.

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Post the execution plan and let’s take a look.

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Check the execution plan and the TiDB monitoring to see if other slow SQL queries are affecting the overall execution efficiency of the cluster.

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Check the SQL statement analysis to see if this SQL has multiple execution plans.

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