Issues with TiDB Backup and Restore

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Original topic: tidb备份恢复问题

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[TiDB Version] v6.5.2
The old cluster was upgraded from v5.1.4 to v6.5.2, and the new cluster was directly deployed with v6.5.2.
When restoring data through RESTORE DATABASE, an error occurred:
mysql> RESTORE DATABASE * FROM ‘local:///disk1/tidb_backup’;
ERROR 8125 (HY000): Restore failed: the config ‘new_collations_enabled_on_first_bootstrap’ not match, upstream: False, downstream: True: [BR:Common:ErrUnknown] internal error
According to the documentation, this is because the new_collation_enabled configuration in the mysql.tidb of the cluster upgraded from v5.1.4 to v6.5.2 is different.
In this case, how should the backup and restore be performed?

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Export backup

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mysqldump backup.sql
mysql < backup.sql

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Dumpling export and Lightning import

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Versions prior to 6.0 did indeed have this feature set to false by default, but it has been available since 4.0.
TiDB 6.0 introduced new collation rules and enabled the new collation framework by default. The new collation rules were introduced in TiDB 4.0 but were always disabled by default, and could only be changed during cluster initialization. You can see the value of this variable through the system table.

select * from mysql.tidb where variable_name = 'new_collation_enabled';

When using BR for data backup and recovery, you also need to pay attention to the collation settings to ensure that the cluster settings before backup and after recovery are the same, preventing errors due to different settings of the new_collations_enabled_on_first_bootstrap configuration item.
Is it possible to change the parameter value to take effect through a restart? Why don’t you try and see if it works?

    new_collations_enabled_on_first_bootstrap: true
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Unable to take effect through a restart.

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The old version only had one method for logical backup and logical export.

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When using dumpling and lightning for export and import, do you also need to ignore the mysql database?

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By default, Dumpling will export all databases except for system databases (including mysql, sys, INFORMATION_SCHEMA, PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, METRICS_SCHEMA, and INSPECTION_SCHEMA).

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Ignore by default

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There is a method: first set up the new cluster with the lower version, and then upgrade it. Would this solve the issue of different parameters?

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Use logical backup and lightning local restore.

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dumpling export
lightling import

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Reinitialize the new cluster and set new_collation_enabled to false.

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In v4.0, a configuration switch new_collations_enabled_on_first_bootstrap was added to support collations semantically. This can only be decided during the initial cluster setup. Starting from v6.0.0, the default value has been changed from false to true, making it compatible with MySQL case-insensitive comparisons. For already initialized clusters, you can confirm this through the new_collation_enabled variable in the mysql.tidb table. For more details, please refer to Character Set and Collation.

RESTORE is used for distributed recovery, restoring backup files generated by the BACKUP statement to the TiDB cluster. It uses the same engine as BR, meaning it is a physical backup and recovery operation.

Therefore, to solve your problem, there are two solutions:

  • Solution 1: Adjust the collation framework used by the new cluster to be consistent with the upstream old cluster.
    • This operation requires destroying and rebuilding the new cluster.
  • Solution 2: Do not use physical backup, use logical backup and recovery.
    • The dumpling+lightning tools can help you achieve data import and export.
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:joy: We just encountered this. Reinstall the new cluster to version v5.1.4, then upgrade to v6.5.2, and finally restore it. This should work.

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Dumpling export and Lightning import

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Haha, we have the same version.

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Did the collation parameter change after you upgraded from 5.1.4 to 6.5.2?

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The parameter value changed automatically from false to true, but it didn’t take effect. It still executed as false because this configuration only takes effect during initialization.