Issues with TiDB Space Usage

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Original topic: tidb使用空间问题

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We hope to make the space usage of TiDB, files, or other components transparent, including the space used by TiDB, deleted space, and reclaimable space. It would be helpful to have a view for easy querying. Thank you.
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For example, which users will benefit from this, and some usage scenarios. Any API design, models, or diagrams would be helpful.

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There are too many things to optimize in TiDB, such as reporting errors when a single SQL exceeds memory limits and resolving this by temporarily writing data to disk. These high-priority needs have not been implemented yet. This need is not as important as the need for reporting errors when SQL exceeds memory limits, so it can probably wait.

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The used space and the reclaimable space are understandable. How is the deleted space calculated?

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It’s similar to MySQL fragmentation.

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Deleting does not release physical space. You can estimate the physical usage by summing up the size of the table’s regions and then factoring in the compression ratio.

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:thinking: I feel like you’re talking about reclaimable space.

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I think there should be a Grafana monitoring item to display how many keys each TiKV currently has, how many of them are marked for deletion but have not been garbage collected, and how many need to be compacted and cleaned up. Or do you know the current method?