Issues with TiKV Error Logs

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Original topic: tikv的error日志问题

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【TiDB Version】7.5
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There are a large number of such error logs in the tikv logs. No impact has been found so far. What is the situation?

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The scheduling of region splitting, but the related key in the region was not found…

What operations have you done? This is so strange…

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According to the error’s region_id, the result is also strange.

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Try this: TiKV Control 使用说明 | PingCAP 文档中心

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It seems that there was an error with region splitting, possibly due to your log file being corrupted or incomplete.

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Refer to this and give it a try:

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When the region splits, it lacks a sequence number, which should come from PD. Check the running status of PD.