Issues with TiKV Reporting to PD

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Original topic: TIKV向PD汇报问题

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The manual has two statements:

  1. Each TiKV node will periodically report the node’s status information to PD.
  2. The Leader of each Raft Group will periodically report the status information of the Region to PD.
    Question: Is it the entire TiKV that periodically reports status information to PD, or does each Raft Group report it individually?
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It should have both.

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It should be. I saw a sentence later: PD continuously collects information about the entire cluster through these two types of heartbeat messages and uses this information as the basis for decision-making.

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Both have.

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Each process should report periodically on its own.

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This is for mutual communication.

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Similar to heartbeat detection, it is necessary to obtain the running status and roles of the corresponding components in real-time.

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You just need to understand that they are responsible for different dimensions to make it easier to comprehend. TiKV instance-level information includes node information (total space, used space, etc.) and summary information of Region data on that node, while the information of a single Region Leader is only at the replica dimension, such as the status of the replica, storage location, start and end keys, and other detailed information.

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Yes, that’s right.

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Both, I guess.

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Yes, indeed.

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