It is recommended to upgrade the MySQL driver of tiup to version 1.7.1

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Original topic: tiup 的mysql driver 建议升级到1.7.1

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The 1000th issue of tiup tag

During compilation, it was found that the version is a bit old,
go: downloading GitHub - go-sql-driver/mysql: Go MySQL Driver is a MySQL driver for Go's (golang) database/sql package v1.6.0

The latest version is 1.7.1, and the changelog states

Add go1.20 and mariadb10.11 to the testing matrix by @pgporada in #1403

Moreover, the tidb server has already been upgraded to 1.7.1

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Great suggestion, boss.

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Raised issue: Upgrade go-sql-driver/mysql version to v1.7.1 · Issue #2237 · pingcap/tiup · GitHub

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