[Job Opportunity] Zoom is Hiring Infrastructure Engineers (Storage, IaaS Focus), Open for Communication and Applications

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Original topic: 【工作机会】Zoom招聘基础架构工程师(存储、Iaas方向),欢迎交流投递

| username: TiDBer_CETo2qqA

If interested, please send your resume to shirleen.zhou@zoom.us, and indicate “Position Applied + Name” in the subject line.
Upon receiving your resume, we will respond within a week regardless of suitability.
Work location: Hangzhou - Xihu District, Shuyue Building

Position 1 - Storage-related Position
Job Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the design, development, and optimization of existing DB-related products to provide stable and reliable foundational support for business systems.
  2. Deeply understand the storage needs of business scenarios and provide suitable storage solutions for business systems.
    Job Requirements:
  3. Positive attitude, strong initiative, clear goals, and the ability to proactively push towards those goals. Good communication and documentation skills, capable of handling challenging work.
  4. Solid foundation in computer architecture and operating systems, rich coding experience, and proficiency in at least one language among Go/C/C++.
  5. In-depth understanding of ClickHouse and MongoDB principles is preferred.
  6. Ability to read English documentation and contributions to open-source storage products are preferred.
    Bonus Points:
  7. Familiarity with storage system principles, storage protocols, and some open-source distributed storage solutions, with relevant development experience and a keen interest in continuous research.
  8. Contributions to ClickHouse, MongoDB, or other DB open-source projects.
  9. Familiarity with K8S and cloud-native technologies, with development experience in cloud-native storage and network technologies is preferred.

Position 2 - IaaS, PaaS-related
Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the R&D and architectural design of Zoom’s infrastructure platform, supporting Zoom middleware and internal platform tools such as databases, caches, CI/CD, etc., in various scenarios like public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud.
  2. Centered around container orchestration systems, realize the service-oriented infrastructure, and build unified delivery and full-stack automated operation and maintenance capabilities for complex applications on multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.
  3. Build a unified Zoom infrastructure platform to achieve enterprise-level features such as capacity planning, multi-tenant management, business continuity, and security compliance, meeting the capability requirements of enterprise-level cloud products.

General Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computer-related fields, with rich software development experience; positive attitude, strong initiative, clear ideas, strong stress resistance, sense of ownership and responsibility, good communication skills.
  2. Proficient in Java, Golang, and other language development, with good coding habits and an understanding of the basic frameworks involved in these languages.
  3. Proficient in the structure and technical characteristics of any mainstream public cloud platform (Ali, Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.), mainstream virtualization technologies, with deep understanding and technical insights into IaaS/PaaS platform architecture, and experience in designing large-scale cloud platform systems.

Detailed Requirements for IaaS Direction:

  1. Familiar with IaaS resource orchestration and management, with knowledge and capabilities in large-scale IaaS resource lifecycle management, system resource and configuration management, fault isolation, etc., preferred.
  2. Understanding of basic operating system knowledge, process basics, interrupts and exceptions, kernel synchronization, process scheduling, memory management, system calls, process communication and signals, virtual file systems, IO architecture, and device drivers is preferred.
  3. Basic understanding of network knowledge, familiarity with TCP/IP protocol, kernel protocol stack, and other deep network principles is preferred, with experience in developing network-related products (BGP/VPN/VPC) preferred.

Detailed Requirements for Cloud-native Direction:

  1. Familiar with Kubernetes system architecture and programming paradigms, with experience in Operator extension or related product development preferred.
  2. Familiar with container and related network and storage technologies, with development and maintenance experience in production environments preferred.
  3. Familiar with the cloud-native technology stack, including Service Mesh, Prometheus, etc., with in-depth research experience in CNCF projects preferred.

Detailed Requirements for PaaS Direction:

  1. Experience in middleware such as RPC frameworks, distributed locks, service registration, service publishing, service governance, data synchronization, gateway development, multi-level caching, configuration centers, call chains, gray release, rate limiting and degradation, overload protection, full-link monitoring, etc., preferred.
  2. Experience in operation and maintenance development, with in-depth understanding of deployment, release, monitoring, alerting, and operation and maintenance automation technology stacks, and participation or responsibility in developing large-scale operation and maintenance systems preferred.
  3. Experience in one-stop multi-cloud deployment/out-of-the-box, multi-cloud migration/expansion/governance, multi-site active-active, and multi-cloud disaster recovery PaaS platforms preferred.
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There’s no mention of TiDB in the job requirements either?

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Hi, we are not specifically recruiting developers with TiDB-related experience. Anyone with storage/development experience can apply.

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Awesome, recruiting people on the forum :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Looking at this requirement, passing the PCSD is basic, right?
ZOOM is that video conferencing software, right?

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The pandemic is over, so working from home is no longer popular, right?

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During the pandemic, I also used Tencent Meeting, haha! I wonder what the differences are between these real-time video software :joy:

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The main focus is on the match of experience. Currently, based on the business needs of different teams, we have a cautious recruitment plan. If you are interested, feel free to give it a try.