Kill Task, Task Cannot Be Terminated

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Original topic: kill 任务,任务无法杀死

| username: TiDBer_vFs1A6CZ

[TiDB Usage Environment] Production Environment
[TiDB Version] 6.5.1
[Reproduction Path] Allocate 100G of running memory, assign a task that uses more than 100G of memory
[Encountered Problem: Problem Phenomenon and Impact] Observed that memory usage exceeds allocated memory and occupies disk space. Currently need to kill the running task, but kill id is ineffective.

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Try this: KILL | PingCAP 文档中心
kill tidb id;

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Try executing the following SQL to query the ID, and then execute KILL id:

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Try killing the TiDB ID.

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kill tidb id

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Since TiDB has multiple compute layer nodes, if the global kill feature is not enabled, you won’t be able to terminate the connection if the node where the connection resides is different from the node where the kill command is executed.

Therefore, confirm whether the global kill feature is enabled. If not, you can enable it and then execute the kill command. From my impression, your version should support this feature.

Another way is to find the node where the connection resides, then log in to that node and execute the kill command. This method is supported in any version, as mentioned by the expert above.

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TiDB has added the Global Kill feature since v6.1.0, so if you are not upgrading from a lower version, version 6.5 should be fine.

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That’s right, if the global kill feature is correctly enabled, the phenomenon mentioned by the original poster should not occur.

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For version 6.5, many monitoring points have been added for the kill command, and most common cases can be handled. However, some disk write behaviors have not been well addressed.
Reference: 非并行hashAgg数据落盘读取阶段kill当前语句不生效 - TiDB 的问答社区

Therefore, it is recommended to test with the latest patches, such as version 6.5.5 or 7.5, to see if this mechanism has been further improved.

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Yes, this task exceeds the memory and occupies part of the disk space.

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I have encountered this as well. The process couldn’t be killed, and I had to restart TiDB.

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Try executing it in the local command line connection tool.

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The most fundamental solution is to restart the tidb-server.

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Kill the TiDB connection node ID, and after executing it, use show processlist. If it doesn’t work, wait a while and check again. I have encountered situations where the process disappeared after some time. If it still doesn’t work, you can only restart the TiDB server.

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kill tidb id

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Is this the ID at the TiDB layer? Shouldn’t it be killed at the system level?

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Confirmed that the global kill feature is enabled, but there is a situation where tasks occupying the disk are killed. There is no good solution, so the tidb-server was restarted.

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If you can’t kill it, usually the service instance will be restarted. I want to understand this layer clearly.