[Live Preview] This Thursday at 8 PM, learn about the implementation principles and protocol introduction of TiCDC Kafka Sink

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Original topic: 【直播预告】本周四晚 8 点,来听听 TiCDC Kafka Sink 实现原理和协议介绍

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TiCDC (TiDB Change Data Capture) is a tool used to capture and output data changes on TiDB/TiKV clusters. It can serve as an incremental data synchronization tool for TiDB, synchronizing incremental data from the TiDB cluster to downstream databases, and also provides an open data protocol to support publishing data to third-party systems.

In response to the community’s call, the TiCDC source code interpretation series continues. This issue is the 9th in the series and will start on March 23 (Thursday) at 20:00.

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This Issue’s Topic

TiCDC Source Code Interpretation #9: TiCDC Kafka Sink Implementation Principles and Protocol Introduction

Key Points of Sharing

The Sink module in TiCDC pulls sorted row changes from the sorter and synchronizes the data to downstream according to a specific protocol. This issue mainly introduces the implementation principles of the Kafka sink in the Sink module, focusing on the following issues:

  1. Kafka Sink Data Distribution Principles

  2. Introduction to the Avro Protocol

  3. Introduction to the canal-json Protocol

Guest Speaker

Liu Dongpo, PingCAP TiCDC R&D Engineer

Sharing Time

March 23, 2023 (Thursday) 20:00-21:00

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