Maintenance Issues of tikv client-cpp

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Original topic: tikv client-cpp 维护问题

| username: Smityz

Currently, the C++ SDK tikv/client-cpp: TiKV Client for C++ ( has not been maintained for a long time, but I see that there is still a link to this repository on the official website. I wonder if the official team has any intention of continuing its maintenance. We recently encountered some scenarios where we need to use TiKV in a C++ environment, so we continued developing with this repository.

If the official team is willing to maintain it, could someone help me review the code and merge the PR? If not, I can fork a branch and continue the development myself.

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It looks like it hasn’t been updated for more than two years~

| username: Smityz | Original post link

Is the community willing to maintain it?
support RawKV by Smityz · Pull Request #17 · tikv/client-cpp (
Can this PR be merged, please?

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What are the future plans for the community? Will it still be maintained?

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The merge has been successfully completed!

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