March 30 Shenzhen DevTogether Developer Ecosystem Summit | Community Treasure Chest Booth, Welcome to Meet!

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Original topic: 3.30 深圳 DevTogether 开发者生态峰会 | 社区百宝箱展位,欢迎来见面!

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Dev.Together Developer Ecosystem Summit is initiated by SegmentFault, an exchange event aimed at to D Marketing, developer operations, and developer relations practitioners.

  • Event Time: March 30 (Saturday)

  • Event Location: Shenzhen Kexing Science Park Conference Center

Event registration link: Dev.Together 2024 Developer Ecosystem Summit (

The themes of this conference include: Technical Operations and Technical Growth, Developer Operations Tools, Technical Content Strategy and Marketing, Overseas Business Growth and Global Developer Community, and this year’s hot topic AI Developer Ecosystem.

We are fortunate that the OSSInsight open-source software analysis tool developed based on TiDB Cloud has once again been shortlisted for this Developer Ecosystem Summit!

Agenda Introduction

Conference Partners

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Technical operations and technical growth, this is good.

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Can I participate?

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Of course, you can. The TiDB community has a treasure chest display booth on-site. You’re welcome to come and meet us!