Minio's SQL Injection Prevention Mechanism Disabled?

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Original topic: Minio防SQL注入机制解除?

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Uploading a data file containing the text “*select * from *” results in a 403 error.
Testing shows that as long as it contains these, it will report an error, but containing “drop / delete from” is fine.
Only tested with txt files, this happens. Excel files do not have this issue.

I suspect it is MinIO’s built-in SQL injection prevention mechanism.
How can I disable this mechanism?

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This should be caused by your built-in bastion, firewall, or antivirus software.

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We don’t have a hardware firewall, and we’ve asked the data center, which also doesn’t have these restrictions. There is no antivirus software on the server either.

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I’m not familiar with min, so I posted a question for you on Stack Overflow:

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MinIO doesn’t have this feature. I found a similar version from 2022, but I couldn’t reproduce it. Please send the error message from the server when you get a 403.

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I remember there is an enable-sql-injection-protection. If you find the related option, try setting it to false or commenting it out, then restart the minio service.

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Source? Can you provide a document link?

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When uploading in the console, it reports this, 403.

It still seems to be an issue with the nginx proxy, but my nginx configuration is taken from the official documentation, so there shouldn’t be any problems.
The main issue is that it reports an error with special characters, which seems to be related to SQL injection prevention.

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Found the problem, it was a plugin on our self-used nginx exit that caused the restriction~ Thanks everyone~

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Is it an open-source plugin? Which plugin?

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Which plugin?

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