Monitoring Interface Error

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Original topic: 监控接口报错

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How to handle this error, tech newbie

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Check if Prometheus is functioning properly.
Verify if the network between the PD node and Prometheus is connected.

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Execute tiup cluster display tidb-test to check the status of the Prometheus process.

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Try modifying it.

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If the Prometheus source has been changed, the dashboard needs to modify the data source accordingly.

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The disk is full, and there is too much data in the wal directory. How should this be handled? Can it be deleted?

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Check the Prometheus process status. If the status is abnormal, check if there are any network issues.

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Ping the address that is showing the error.

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The WAL directory should be quite small, usually just storing the logs for the current day.

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Is the connection to port 9090 being refused due to the firewall blocking it, or is the application not allowing the connection?

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  1. It is not recommended to clean it directly, as it may result in data loss.
  2. Filter the Prometheus logs to check if Prometheus is frequently restarting. If there are frequent restarts, the logs will show “Starting TSDB …”. In this case, you can modify the Prometheus configuration file to discard some data collection, and then use tiup to restart Prometheus.
    Find the section with job_name: “tikv” and add:
    • source_labels: [name]
      separator: ;
      regex: tikv_thread_nonvoluntary_context_switches|tikv_thread_voluntary_context_switches|tikv_threads_io_bytes_total
      action: drop
    • source_labels: [name,name]
      separator: ;
      regex: tikv_thread_cpu_seconds_total;(tokio|rocksdb).+
      action: drop
  3. Of course, you can also redeploy Prometheus by scaling in and then scaling out.
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If the monitoring data is not important, then delete some data. If the monitoring data is important, then expand a Prometheus instance and change the Prometheus data source information in Grafana. This way, you can view the monitoring information after the expansion. After running for a while, you can scale down the problematic Prometheus node. To view the data of the problematic Prometheus node, you still need to modify the Grafana configuration.

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There is an issue with obtaining the data source. Please check the connection to Prometheus.

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It doesn’t seem to be a network issue, firewall, or port.

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Check the status of Prometheus.