Multi-Valued Index Hopes to Utilize Prefix Index Functionality

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Original topic: 多值索引希望可使用前缀索引功能

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[Problem Scenario Involved in the Requirement]
When creating a multi-valued index for a varchar+json array, during usage, if the varchar column is empty and the json array is empty, using the condition where the varchar column is empty cannot retrieve data.
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[Expected Required Behavior]
When the above situation occurs, can the following behaviors be supported:

  1. The execution plan avoids using the multi-valued index and correctly retrieves the data.
  2. The multi-valued index supports prefix index query functionality.

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[Background Information]
Such as which users will benefit from it, and some usage scenarios. Any API design, model, or diagram would be more helpful.

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The PM is currently researching this requirement.

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Can you provide a simple example, including your case and expectations?